15X10 WP Lane Lines




This is the Waterpolo Course for Beach Waterpolo.
It is 15 meter long by 10 meters wide.
This is for the Lane lines only and it includes the 2 and 5 meter markers.
The Course is adaptable for all types of goals in the market from Antiwave, Kap7, etc.

Made of the Strongest Marine thermoplastic Polymer Nylon for Long lasting durability and endurance and terylene yarn.
Nitro Airtight Pliable technology
JOINT Connector: PC/ABS Synthetic Material
Dimensions of the Fully Inflated course is 15m x 10m wide
Auto Lock Valve system
2 Carry Bags can carry the whole course in an easy set up and tear down manner.
Dimensions of Packaging: 2 CARTONS
30.5 X 20.5 X 16
Weight 40 lbs each Box

Additional information

Weight 1280 oz


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